Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Join Revenue Cycle and Denial Management expert Brian McGraw and Physician CDI expert Kendall Smith, MD as they plumb the depths of your bottom line opportunities, denials, managed care contracts, and appeal rights.

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Reimbursement and financial challenges are driving many healthcare organizations to the brink, requiring new approaches, new methods and seeking out next generation RCM tools in order to get fully paid.

According to a recent Black Book study, over 40% of hospital write-offs can be attributed to third party denials, take-backs and hidden payer adjustments. Standing firm in the face of claim disputes and consistently enforcing your contract and appeal rights is no longer a choice left up to the managed care department – it’s a requirement for margin improvement, and quid pro quo with payers that enforce their agreements by denying your claims.

Learn about next generation Revenue Cycle Management tools and revenue recovery best practices that focus on contract administration, contract compliance, and contract enforcement across the enterprise. This webinar will describe proven methods of increasing the organization’s bottom line by decreasing your denial write-offs, but only if the resolve starts at the top. Learn how hospital and physician group leaders can significantly improve their operating margins by committing to a course of action that results in faster (and final) resolution of disputed payments, with fewer denials in the future as a result.

About your presenters

Brian McGraw

Mr. McGraw is the Founder, President & CEO of Intersect Healthcare and the Denial Research Group, each firm a national leader in their respective categories for Appeal Support services and next-generation Denial/Appeal Management. The denial/appeal technology and revenue recovery systems he designed are currently used by over 300 hospitals and health systems nationwide. He consults with and educates revenue cycle and compliance leaders throughout the U.S. on government and commercial claim dispute resolution management. He pioneered the early design and development of business process software for revenue compliance and next-generation RCM technology to improve hospital net revenue performance. Over the last twenty years, he has worked with hundreds of hospitals and many of the nation’s largest healthcare systems in the development of best practices to improve their managed care reimbursements, denied claim recoveries, billing integrity, RAC audit management and Medicare compliance.

Kendall Smith, MD, SFHM

Dr. Kendall Smith is a Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine (SFHM) and currently acts as Chief Physician Advisor for AppealMasters, a leading appeal educator and appeal services firm for hospitals and health systems. He’s been deeply involved in denial and appeals management throughout his hospitalist career, working collaboratively with UR/Case Management departments as well as Managed Care and Hospital C-Suite executives. His familiarity with managed care denials led him to design and implement a number of CDI programs, including those at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida and the MedStar Washington Hospital Center. He has served as a physician leader on hospital revenue cycle management teams while also serving as a the Physician Advisor for Clinical Resource Management. Dr. Smith is also an AHIMA ICD-CM/PCS approved trainer/ambassador.