Health systems face rising risks from increased payer denial write-offs, bad debt and inefficiencies due to high costs to collect.  Benchmarks show that a hospital with a median of 350 beds would have lost $3.5 million to increased denial write-offs from healthcare payers over the past four years. Intersect Healthcare helps stop this revenue leakage at over 300 hospitals nationwide.

Hospitals and health systems trust Intersect Healthcare to protect their revenue cycle from payer denials and failed appeals.

With our proven combination of denial management technology and appeal services, clients successfully:

  • Manage and prevent payer denials
  • Accelerate denied claims appeals
  • Conquer payer audits

Do payer denials represent a significant threat to your organization’s overall financial health?

If so, now is the time to consider Intersect Healthcare. Join hundreds of other revenue cycle teams to discover a recognized, sustained partnership of expert guidance, technology support, and revenue protection.