Do you have a dispute resolution in your contract?

Most payer-provider contracts contain Dispute Resolution and/or Arbitration clauses.

Most payers and providers arbitrate their disputes as an alternative to conventional litigation. We analyze these clauses and help you develop a plan to utilize the rights encompassed in your contracts to tailor your Dispute Resolution options. 

Our Innovative And Customization Approach

Whether you’re looking to explore your Facility’s options beyond the internal appeals process, or are interested in learning more about comprehensive Mediation and Arbitration consulting services, Intersect Healthcare will work with you to advocate on behalf of your Facility.  Intersect Healthcare utilizes a tailored process to customize our Dispute Resolution services to each client’s specific needs. 

We are not a law firm. Firms charge by the hour while we offer an all-inclusive flat rate. 

This means that our team assists from beginning to end: drafting, filing, review, hearing preparation, and more are included in our cost-effective rate 

Our pricing module allows us to charge our clients almost 50% less than the average cost of working with a law firm. 

Exploring Dispute Resolution 

Intersect Healthcare has assisted clients in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We understand how important it is for our clients to be reimbursed for their valuable services in a fair and equitable manner, which is why we help our clients advocate for themselves by exercising their contracted rights to the fullest. This includes mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution avenues. 

Our Services 

  • Contract Analysis 
  • Comprehensive Binding and Non-Binding Mediation Consulting Services 
  • Comprehensive Executive Mediation Consulting 
  • Comprehensive Pro-Se Self-Represented Binding 

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