Why trust payer denials to the wrong IT system?

Navigate the complexities of payer denials with Intersect Healthcare’s denial management software – Veracity.

There are significant downfalls to managing payer denials in your EHR. Capability gaps abound. Disjointed workflows build silos instead of bridges.

Hospitals stand to lose millions of dollars due to inefficient claim denials management technology and processes.

According to the most recent American Medical Association’s health insurer report card, claim denial rates ranged between 0.54% and 2.64% for major private payers while Medicare denied nearly 5% of claims. Considering that many organizations contract with multiple payers, the numbers suggest claim denials cost organizations approximately 5% of their net revenue stream.

Dedicated Denial Management Software 
Protects Your Revenue

Effective revenue protection requires a proactive, two-pronged approach against rising volumes of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer denials. Dedicated denial management and appeal technology combined with expert services is a winner when it comes to moving from a reactive to proactive payer response.

With Veracity, you:


Identify the root causes of payer denials


Capture coding and clinical validation changes


Provide targeted education on the front end of the revenue cycle


Increase knowledge of payer contract terms to mitigate risk


Move from payer denial management to prevention


Centralize workflows for unified denial management and appeals

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