Why risk more of your margin?

Intersect Healthcare accelerates the appeal process, reduces cost to appeal and protects your margin.

Claim denials from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers are on the rise. A proactive approach is required to boost appeal success rates while reducing overall operational costs. Rely on Intersect Healthcare’s proven expertise to win back the revenue your organization rightfully earned.

AppealMasters Revenue Recovery Services

AppealMasters is Intersect Healthcare’s team of specialized revenue recovery experts who assist in responding to all government and commercial payer appeals. Our professionals offer verified services and technology to streamline claim appeals, from initial denial or bench support to any point in the process.

With AppealMasters, your organization benefits from winning appeal letters that include Evidence-based Medicine and NCD guidelines to support the appeal and reference specific findings in the medical record. 

Over 500 hospitals trust our expertise to appeal payer denials through a comprehensive set of tools and services:

Guidance in each level of the appeal process


Advocacy and appeal support until completion of the case


Ongoing feedback and indicators of potential risk

Tracking, trending and statistical data analysis
Process remediation and expertise in preparing a medical case before the ALJ
Real-time access to appeal activity reports
Support to correct potential flaws in coding or clinical documentation processes
Educational opportunities

Learn how to save time and resources amidst increasing volumes of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer denials.


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